Oct 12, 2007

Feeling like Eden's Edge, Awful Waffle, Scalping the Indians, and Ants

Hope has a new Waffle House. That in itself is a surprise to me because I never realized Waffle Houses were ever actually in NEW condition. This one is very nice (in relation to the other ones I have been to, and in relation to many of the other restaurants I've been to in general). The staff was VERY friendly. We had a waitress-in-training, and she handled herself very well. I haven't an "awful waffle" (my pet name for the chain as a whole, though I actually DO like their food!) for a long time, so I ordered their All-Star breakfast. Man, let me tell you, there is nothing like a good waffle with nice, hot syrup poured over it! Excellent stuff! Like Arnie, we'll be back!

Holy friggin cow... All I can say is that I'm glad we went shopping tonight and that I did not have to watch the Indians get their butts handed to them in real-time. I tuned in during the 8th inning, in which the writing on the wall was NOT Jenny's phone number (for those of you old enough to know the song). It may be Tribe Time Now, but they need a serious session of wound-licking... ouch!

Did you know that there are people in this world dedicated to the preservation of....ANTS!? Seriously... And, though this site boasts a lot of tongue-in-cheek entries, at least one side of the argument FOR ants seems bent on the subject... And, of course, I added my own comments to their shenanigans... :-)

I feel like Eden's Edge... Though, my trip to Nashville, Tennessee, will not be permanent nor to further my aspirations as a singer.... No, I will be spending the week in Music City for the purposes of attending the National School Board Associations T+L conference (a technology conference). I'll take pictures during the week and post them... That way you can share in the fun or the agony, depending on how things go.

My original plan was to use the Co-op's digital SLR camera. It is a Nikon Rebel XT EOS. It's very nice! But, I discovered today that you can ONLY use the viewfinder to set up your shots. There is no option for using the LCD screen, except to review your pictures after you've taken them. Plus, it is like a higher end 35mm, big long lens on the front. I am a simple man. I like point-and-shoot. I decided to pass on the semi-pro camera this go-round. I don't have the patience to learn how to shoot pictures with the camera while running like a madman all over Nashville. Maybe next time... Yeah, my point-and-shoot Sony is kinda crappy in low light, but I can live with that...and the fact that it is about half as bulky as the dSLR...

One of the sites I like is epoll.com, a survey site. They send me a survey almost every day, most of which ask about my TV viewing habits. Sometimes they ask you to watch a show and then take a survey about it afterward. They asked me to watch "Ugly Betty." I hate that show. But, I figured I could fake my way through it. Wrong. They asked a question that you would only know if you watched it (or could find the answer online, which I could not in the allotted time). Busted. Oh well, I knew I got it wrong when the very next questions, "Have you seen ANY episodes of "Ugly Betty" this season?" LOL... I'll have to make sure I pull up the episode recap BEFORE going to the survey... Oh, well, I suppose I *could* watch the show... Or maybe next time they ask if I would be interested in earning 1000 points for watching Ugly Betty, I'll just pull a Nancy Reagan and just say no....

Did you hear that they guy who invented the Internet won a Nobel Peace Prize??? Al Gore! Oh, wait.. what?.... He DIDN'T invent the Internet??.... He got it for his bull-hockey about global warming!? Well, dang... never mind...

I popped over to fearlessfriday.com to check the final score of the Prescott football game (we won 49-6), and the banner at the top was advertising Wendy's triple burger. That led my mind to instantly be transformed back to when I was a kid in Pittsburgh. Whenever the professional indoor soccer team (the Spirit) would score 7 or more goals in a game, you could take your ticket stub to Wendy's for a free bowl of chili. Those were the best bowls of chili ever... :-) It is so weird that things can trigger certain memories and instantly transport your mind back to specific even in time (or period in time).

If you saw my partial (and, as it turns out very, VERY incomplete) list of song currently on my MP3, you may have noticed a song called, "Playground in my Mind." Here's how that gem ended up on my player: Tyler was trying to put something into the cup holder in my truck. I throw all my loose change into my cup holders (why? Who knows). He knocked some of the change on to the floor, and when he picked it up, he said, "I found a nickel!" POW! My head started singing, "My name is Michael... I have a nickel... I have a nickel shiny and new..." Which was followed by a mental, "What the blankety-blank was that???" Of course, the only cure to get the song out of my head was to download it and put it on the player... You'll be happy to know that I have heard enough times now that I am pretty sure I can delete it and never miss it....

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  1. Dean and I love awful waffle too! We always looked forward to our annual trek to Rossburg Ohio so we could stop somewhere in ohio and get breakfast there! They have the best grits! We now have 2 Waffle Houses in Western PA, but they are both in Washington PA. 1 is by the Meadowland Racetrack and the other is in downtown Washington PA on Murtland Ave. So, once in a while, we jump in the car or truck and go down for the greatest breakfast ever!

    Glad you cleared up why THAT song was on your list! Honestly, Sometimes I wonder how that brain of yours is wired.