Oct 14, 2007

My weirdly wired brain...

In a recent comment, my Aunt said she often wondered how my brain was wired. Really, just read a few posts, and you really should be wondering if any of the wires up there actually connect to anything... :-)

I'm all packed up for Nashville. It's funny, but at least ten different people have said the same thing when I told them I was spending a week in Nashville... It goes something like this:

Me: "I'll be in Nashville next week for a conference."
Them: "Arkansas?"

Yes, there is a Nashville, Arkansas, down the road from us. The conversation continues:

Me: "Uhhh.. Tennessee...??"
Them: "Oh. Well, I wondered why you would be spending the week in Nashville (Arkansas), when you could drive back and forth every day...."
Me: (pregnant pause) "Well, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be having a week-long education conference..."
Them: "True..."

Oh well, I'll keep ya posted!

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