Oct 15, 2007

Eastbound and down...

The rain poured from the sky as if someone had turned on some kind of heavenly faucet. Flickering bolts of lightning spread across the sky. And, so begins the trip to Nashville.

My cell phone rings around 7:15 or so. The Director (Lindy) is calling to let me know that my boss (Phoebe) will not be joining us on the trip - she is running a 101 temp and vomiting. I load up the van, and we head for Tyler's school. My cell phone rings. Marilyn is running a little late because her power went out during the storm.

Oh, did I forget to mention that on Sunday, I asked Emily if she wanted to take Daisy for walk. Instead, Emily said she wanted to ride Daisy. It has been a while since we rode her, so I needed to get on her and make sure she wasn't going to get ugly. She was ugly. Any time I tried to come around to put my foot in the stirrup, Daisy moved her back-end around away from me. After a few rounds of that, she finally let me put my foot in. I knew better than to just jump on her back, so I bounced up and down a few times to let her know I was there and I was planning on getting on. When I felt okay, I got up on her, and she went nuts. Not too bad, but enough to toss her head around and move her back end enough to make me wonder how long I was going to stay up there. At one point, she tossed and turned enough where I lost one of her reins. So, now I have one rein in my hand and one is flopping in the wind. Daisy was getting antsy - trying to get away from the dangling rein while turning in circles because I had the other rein. All the while, I am trying to get her to "WHOA!!!" Shan's Dad realizes that I lost the rein and tells me to get down. I was trying to get down, but I figured I was safer on the horse than trying to get down while she was tossing and turning. Finally, I got down, grabbed the other rein, and we started over again.

I eventually got on her and after a few head tosses, we rode around. She was not happy for a long time, but finally settled down enough that I called to Emily to see if she was ready to ride. Emily would have no part of that! She saw how ugly Daisy had been and now Em was too scared. So, I rode Daisy around for while. It was until later Sunday night that I realized I had done something very bad to my lower back.

Fast forward back to Monday morning... Shan drops me off at Lindy's house and I wait for her to bring the vehicle for me to drive to Nashville. She comes and drops off the Durango for me and takes her truck to work. Shortly after that, Marilyn comes and we head off to Nashville.

Driving 7 hours (even with a couple stops) on a hurting back is no easy task. I did stop on the way for some Doan's, and that helped some. We'll see how things go.

After we got here, John and I went to our room and Marilyn went to hers until supper time. For supper, we went to Applebees. Between my back and the long drive, and the fact that the Tribe was on TV, I opted to just come back to the hotel. John said he was going to check out the shopping area down the road, but decided to just hang out. Marilyn went to her room.

Our pre-conference workshops don't start until 1:00pm on Tuesday, so we get to sleep in, and we'll head out around 11am or so to register, check things out, and get to our sessions.

As of the time of this writing, the Indians are ahead 2-0 in the bottom of the fifth after a Lofton homer! :-)

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