Oct 17, 2007

Live from Nashville - Wednesday (Part 1)

Pictures from the keynote presentation. Well, before the presenter got up there (some lady who used to be some big wig with Cirque du Soleil).

I was hoping for a mini-Cirque show, but the presenter showed some video clips. One was very funny of a clown-boy and an audience member from one of their shows...

Pictures of folks at the T+L Conference:

A couple of pictures from the Gaylord. The last one was taken as I was waiting for my comrades. I looked up and saw the flag waving through the glass panels of the atrium. Very cool! :-)

Today was much busier than yesterday. The lines at lunch were way too long to stand in, so John and I found the little sundry shoppe and bought Cokes and chips. Not a great lunch, but it leaves us more room for supper! :-)

After "lunch," we went into the exhibit hall and waited in line for 40 minutes to have caricatures done of ourselves by a local artist. I think we are going to try and take pictures of the "artwork" and I'll post the results here... Otherwise, I'll scan mine in and post it later when I get back home... Stay tuned!

Pet Peeve #352: Hotel Room Cleaning. We arrived back at the hotel around 3:30 or so. When I opened the room door, our beds had not been made and our towels had not been replenished. Excuse me!? At 3:30 in the afternoon!? I learned a valuable lesson: Hang the door thingy that shows the "HEY, DOOFUS, THIS ROOM NEEDS CLEANED" side to the hotel "help..." Jeez. So, it turns out the workers were in the next room, so I asked them about our room. The girl I talked to went and got another girl, who came into the room and started cleaning, etc. I did not want to sit there while she was working, so I went downstairs for a bit. After a few minutes, John and I came back upstairs, but the girl was still cleaning our room... At that point, we just decided the heck with it and camped out in the room (read: fired up our laptops) and she eventually got done without saying two words... I hate it when the hotel workers talk so dang much you can't think straight, she was driving me crazy with all her blabbing (yes, that is a SERIOUS session of sarcasm there, folks - that girl did not say a single word while we were in there)!!

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  1. The bed wasn't made? And this comes from the man who commented to my blog that he doesn't amke his bed at home.........