Oct 28, 2007

Let the predictably bad headlines begin

Shall we start with the obvious: "Sox Rock Rockies" or "Sox Blow Socks Off the Rocks" maybe? Oh, I can see them now... Copy editors (or whoever chooses headlines) were chomping at the bit to see which "witty" headline they could spew forth before some other paper does the same. In fact, by the time this is posted, there will already be stupid headlines all over the place.

You would think, since the Indians are in the AL, that I would *want* the Botox Bosox to win. Uhh... No. Congratulations, Sox, I hope you get your butts kicked next year - by the Tribe or ANYONE else! :-)

How long is a week?

One of the blogs I started reading was the Cincy Reds Cards Blog. Well, after like 2 or 3 posts, the author said they would be gone a week and then start posting again. I responded twice - once to say "see ya in a week" and once to say "where the heck are ya?" At first, I was kinda ticked that I had bothered to list it as a site I visit, bookmark it, etc... Then, I began to wonder - Perhaps something happened to the author or the author's family, and suddenly, a blog about baseball cards just didn't seem important anymore... I'm hoping the author simply found something else to do with his/her time... LOL, I'm sure some of you might wish the same for me... :-)

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