Oct 14, 2007

A scalping for a scalping

What an awesome game tonight/this morning! Just over FIVE HOURS, and the Indians tie the ALCS 1-1!! They took an early lead, then blew it. They came back to tie, and left things on the burner until the break-out 11th inning. SEVEN runs in one inning! An MLB record for the most runs scored in a single inning during a post-season game!! WAHOO! I was on the edge of my seat for most of the parts I watched (we flipped channels during the beginning because we were watching "T*Witches Too" on Disney). Once I settled in, though, I was never sure what the outcome would be. When the Indians went up by 3 runs in the 11th, I still felt very uneasy. Then, they were up by 4, then by 7! The natural thing to do may have been to relax and know they would win, but I have seen many weird things happen during this postseason, and when it comes to the Indians, ANYTHING can happen... So, I watched it down to the last pitch. A great double-play ended the game and sends the Indians back to Cleveland for Monday's game. It is TRIBE TIME NOW!!

I'm sure I have lots to say, but it is flippin 1:20 in the morning... I'm going to bed on a very high note!! :-)

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  1. Dave, I love your blog - it always makes me laugh - out loud sometimes!!! Thanks for making you ol' mom proud and happy! I love you - Mom