Oct 25, 2007

A few things...

Okay, here are a few things that popped in my head, so I figured it best to share...

MP3 Songs on my player (in the order they are on the device):
Nothin' Better to Do (LeeAnn Rimes)
So Small (Carrie Underwood)
First Redneck On The Internet (Cledus T Judd)
First Time (Lifehouse)
Home (Daughtry)
Online (Brad Paisley)
The More I Drink (Blake Shelton)
Dirty Water (Standells, maybe)
All My Friends Say (Luke Bryan)
Bubbly (Colbie Caillat)
Playground In My Mind (Clint Homes)
When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne)
If Everyone Cared (Nickelback)
Teenagers (My Chemical Romance)
Rockstar (Nickelback)
A Woman's Love (Alan Jackson)
Wasted (Carrie Underwood)
What if Cartoons Got Saved (Chris Rice)
Dirty Water (Not same as above, but I forgot who sings it)
Girlfriend (Featuring Lil' Mama) (Avril Lavigne)
The Heat Is On (Glenn Frey)
Good Directions (Billy Currington)
Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's)
I Don't Dance (High School Musical 2)
If You're Reading This (Tim McGraw)
Centerfold (J. Geils Band)
Wild Wild West (Kool Moe Dee)
Boondocks (Little Big Town)
Mary-Anne (Adam Richman)
The Great Unknown (Miko Marks)
Not Like This (Small Change Romeos)
Picture to Burn (Taylor Swift)
Should've Said No (Taylor Swift)
This Is My Now (Jordin Sparks)
Find Out Who Your Friends Are (Tracy Lawrence)
White & Nerdy (Weird Al)
It's All About the Pentiums (Weird Al)
What Time Is It (High School Musical 2)

Snoopy Fashion Show!? Got an email about a bunch of designers selling Peanuts-inspired outfits. It was something like, "Snoopy hits the runway" or something. I got it because I get all kinds of eBay junk mail, and of course the "fashions" are being sold on eBay (for charity). Some of the outfits are cute and you (meaning I) could actually tell who the character was supposed to be. Others were totally lost on me, even after I read who they were SUPPOSED to be. Oh well, fashion was never my thing anyway! LOL!! Those of you who have known me for a long time will remember my "Parker Stevens" looks... ouch!
Here's the URL if you want to look: http://stores.ebay.com/snoopy-in-fashion

Speaking of eBay auctions, Topps Vault is auctioning off original artwork paintings by Dick Perez. The paintings were used as the basis for the 2007 Turkey Red cards. Perez has been around forever, or it feels that way anyway. He has been doing baseball cards (and other sports) since before I was even born. I think there will be an Indian or two eventually (if I haven't already missed them!), so I may be tempted to bid... :-)
Wanna see what's up right now? Here ya go!

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