Oct 18, 2007

Almost Outta Here!

It is Thursday night. We are just about ready to get outta Nashville. The rain is pouring down in sheets and the wind is blowing all over the place. The city and surrounding areas are under severe thunderstorm watches and warnings and tornado watches and warnings. Yee-haw... :-)

Today's keynote speaker was awesome. He is the guy behind the X-Prize project (you know, the group that paid 10 million dollars to the first private organization/individuals that could build a reusable personal spacecraft). He has the same passion for what he does as when he was in 5th grade and wanted to be an astronaut. Very inspiring!

The breakout sessions today were okay. Those of us that have been to NECC agree that the NSBA conference is nothing like NECC. Amazingly, several of us agreed that the Hot Springs conference is better than this one has been. I think as those of us in Arkansas realize that we are doing cutting-edge things, the more we realize that WE should be presenting at these conferences instead of simply ATTENDING them...

John, Marilyn and I could have easily done an hour-long session on what Sharepoint has meant to us and the different features we each use to reach our audiences and meet our needs....

I am ready to go home. I don't remember the week-long conference in San Diego feeling as long as this one has. I did get quite a few trinkets while walking around, and I snagged 6-10 T-Shirts that I can bum around in...

The Indians got smoked tonight. I hope they pull their heads out of their butts and get things working for the next game!!

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