Oct 31, 2007

Halloween for the non-costumist

Let me begin with Tuesday night. Shan's Mom came over and asked if I could take the images in her camera and set them to the "Gilligan's Island" theme, timing the ones with various employees from the pharmacy to the song. See, they took their pictures with their faces in a life preserver, like the show. Of course I can do that. Could I then burn it to a CD or DVD to play on the portable projector she brought from a co-worker of hers? I'm sure I can do that...

Before I get too far ahead, I had never sen the projector she brought before last night. It is called a "Zoombox." Okay, once I saw the name (actually, I had to search the net for "Tiger Electronics DVD projector" since the goofy thing is not branded!). Anywho, I do remember seeing these in Target for like $300. No way would I pay $300 for a 640x480 projector. But, you can pick them up on the 'Bay for about $100-$175, which isn't too bad, really... I mean, it IS a DVD player and projector in one...

So, I create a video, matching the faces to the appropriate places in the song and I create a DVD-ready movie. My computer has an HP 740b LightScribe DVD burner. For some reason, though, it will only burn CD's and will play anything. But, it will not BURN and DVDs... I looked around online for solutions - upgrade firmware, reinstall drive in Device Manager, etc etc... Nothing worked. I went to bed.

Fast forward to Halloween morning. I woke up, got my laptop out of the truck and burned the DVD. After that, I popped it into the projector to make sure all was well. It was! :-)

After that, I donned my "costume" for work. Yes, I threw on some jeans and my orange "I Don't Do Costumes" T-shirt. I have to say, my shirt received a lot of comments. Okay, a lot of snickering, I should say. :-)

Tyler did not go trick-or-treating this year, so Shan and I took Emily. She dressed up as a cowgirl in pink and white. An absolute doll! :-) She received lots of comments on her outfit!

We visited various friends and family before hitting the streets for candy. By the time the night was over, Emily had racked up on the Laffy Taffy, which she loves, so it worked out. We did not strike it rich with the chocolate until Shan's Mom came over to see how things went - SHE brought lots of chocolate! :-)

One thing I did today was to show the magnitude of my creativity at work by editing the logo on the DL portal to match the holiday:

As you can see, my creative talents do not stretch very far - I added a dropping spider and changed the globe into a pumpkin. I thought it was cute, and I'm the web site admin, so that's what counts. :-)

One thing I stumbled upon today was a 3-D stereogram (is that redundant?) INTERACTIVE Tetris game! Yes, you have to play while your eyes are unfocused so that you can see the falling pieces and move them around! Talk about cool!!

Math Jokes (site) (Beware, some of these are serious groaners...):
Teacher: What is 2k + k?
Student: 3000!

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a jack-o-lantern by its diameter?
A: Pumpkin Pi!

New York (CNN). At John F. Kennedy International Airport today, a Caucasian male (later discovered to be a high school mathematics teacher) was arrested trying to board a flight while in possession of a compass, a protractor and a graphical calculator.
According to law enforcement officials, he is believed to have ties to the Al-Gebra network. He will be charged with carrying weapons of math instruction.

It is only two weeks into the term that, in a calculus class, a student raises his hand and asks: "Will we ever need this stuff in real life?"
The professor gently smiles at him and says: "Of course not - if your real life will consist of flipping hamburgers at MacDonald's!"

In a speech to a gathering of mathematics professors from throughout the United States, George W. Bush warned the academics not to misuse their position to force their often extremist political views on young Americans. "It is my understanding", the president said, "that you are frequently teaching algebra classes in which your students learn how to solve equations with the help of radicals. I can't say that I approve of that..."
When the math professor's wife returns home from work, she finds an envelope on the living room table. She opens it and finds a letter from her husband:

My dearest wife,
We have been married for nearly thirty years, and I still love you as much as on the day I proposed. You must realize, however, that you are now 54 years old and no longer able to satisfy certain needs I still have. I very much hope that you are not hurt to learn that, while you're reading this, I'm in a hotel room with an 18-year-old freshman girl from my calculus class. I'll be home before midnight.

Your husband, who will never stop loving you.

When the professor returns from the hotel shortly before midnight, he also finds an envelope in the living room. He opens it and reads:

My beloved husband,
You may recall that you, too, are 54 years old and no longer able to satisfy certain needs I still have. I thus hope that you are not hurt to learn that, while you're reading this, I am in a hotel room with the 18-year-old pool boy.

Your loving wife.

P.S. As a mathematician, you are certainly aware of the fact that 18 goes into 54 many more times than 54 goes into 18. Therefore, don't stay up and wait for me.

And, the last math joke I'll post:
The mother of already three is pregnant with her fourth child.
One evening, the eldest daughter says to her dad: "Do you know, daddy, what I've found out?"
"The new baby will be Chinese!"
"Yes. I've read in the paper that statistics shows that every fourth child born nowadays is Chinese..."

From CreateBlog.com comes:
Companies that didn't spend quite enough time considering how their online names might appear...and be misread. (Feel free to misread the URLs!!)

1. Who Represents is where you can find the name of the agent that represents any celebrity. Their web site is www.whorepresents.com. (Gifts for that 'special' someone)

2. Looking for a pen? Look no further than Pen Island at www.penisland.net. (Now we know where all that SPAM is coming from!)

3. Need a therapist? Try Therapist Finder at www.therapistfinder.com. (I guess there's a market for everything)

4. The First Cumming Methodist Church Web site is www.cummingfirst.com. (No sloppy seconds...)

5. And the designers at Speed of Art await you at their wacky web site, www.speedofart.com. (The sound a swimsuit makes?)

Stick a fork in me... I'm done.

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