Apr 1, 2009

Idol Tuesday (a day late)



Anoop - I have no idea what he is singing - I cannot understand him. So, here's a pumping song, and he is not dancing or anything. Walking around is not dancing.

Megan - Whoa, what the heck is this train wreck? This was awful... I can't even give it a name. Shan wants to give her a double NO!

Danny - Uh, oh, he is singing Rascal Flatts, Shan's favorite group. I like his version. It's has a lot of soul. Wonder if he thought of his wife during rehearsal. Shan liked it - though she said it was not his best. Emily said she doesn't like his singing.

Allison - What the heck is up with her hair? He's Pebbles Flintstone - Tyler said 'with a little bam-bam' - LOL. Man, I wasn't sure this was the right song when they said she was singing 'no doubt,' and I was right. This was wrong. Tyler gives her a .5 out of 10.

Scott - Billy Joel, eh? Well, let's see how this goes. It's kind of... hmmm... I dunno... Las vegas isn't quite right... It's okay, I guess, but I would not listen to it on the radio. Shan it's much better than what he's done in the past. Big improvement from last week.

Matt - 'You found me' - Bad start. Not good. Off key, bad low end. All over the place pitchwise.

Lil - She is classically soulful. I don't like the look she's sporting, but that doesn't really matter. Shan didn't necessarily like the song, but she likes Lil, so she gave her yes.

Adam - What the!? LOL, emily said "No, just because of his hair!" Wow, he's like a bad version of John Stamos being Jesse on Full House. Seriously. Nonono, not Jesse the guy on Grease 2 - not the main character, but one of the T-Birds dudes... Adrian Zmed. No April Fool's.

Kris - Oh, man, this is smooth! Wow, I think this is the best performance of the night. Man, this boy can sing. Dawg, this guy is good - flat out good.

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