Apr 14, 2009

This is Americ.....

Our DVR ended up not recording the first half of Idol, so I present the portion of the show we watched:


What does Quintin Tarantino have anything to do with music!? Stupid. Oh, songs from the silver screen... yeah, okay, I guess.

Matt - I did not like his version of the Bryan Adams song. Why do Idol wannabes go the slow and boring route!?

Danny - Shan said "I say YES!" even before he started. LOL! Lionel Richie's "Endless Love" - another slow, sappy song.. Come on, man, let's pump up the house, folks. He didn't do too bad, but I wouldn't care if this was on the radio or not. I like him, but not this song for him.

Kris - It's late and I am falling asleep watching this slow stuff. Seriously, are all the songs in movies slow? Maybe the fast, cool songs were at the beginning that we missed. I dunno. Whatever. I guess it was fine for a slow, sappy song.

Lil - "The Rose" - OMG, yet ANOTHER slow song!? I guess I'm just not in the mood for this style this week. Not great, but the best of what I've seen tonight.

UGH, our DVR cut off again. I guess we'll have to record the news after Idol just to catch the run-over. Ridiculous.

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