Apr 10, 2009

Internet Explorer 8

At work, I 'upgraded' my web browser to Internet Explorer 8. For the most part, I like it. I like it mainly because not much has changed so far as I can tell, and in my world, that's a good thing.

However, one thing has changed, and I hate it. It's called "Domain Highlighting" and you can see it here:

Notice the address bar at the top? The only thing you can really "see" is the 'google.com' part because everything else is greyed out. here's a closeup:

Why do I hate it? Because I am OCD just enough that when I look at the address bar, I actually want to see the ADDRESS, the WHOLE address and nothing BUT the address!

I understand Microsoft put things that way so that people would look there to make sure they really are where they think they are. It's supposed to be an anti-phishing safety. Like when you get one of those "Your Paypal account is hosed" messages that aren't really from PayPal?

That's great for those people, but I do not WANT things that way and I should be able to turn that feature on or off as I wish. As of right now, this is not an option. You have no choice but to see the address bar through the fog that Microsoft has laid over the browser.

It sucks. That's all I'm sayin...

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