Apr 22, 2009

Idol Wednesday

Two people go home tonight.... Let's see who it'll be:

Lil - GONE - Whoa... That is very surprising!! She is better than almost everyone still in this competition. Well, she'll be a huge star anyway.
Kris - SAFE - Way to go Conway boy!
Adam - SAFE - ugh.
Danny - SAFE - Whew! I was afraid he was bottom three....
Anoop - Bottom Three - Well, there's only three left, DUH...
Allison - Bottom Three - that's a bummer!
Matt - SAFE - really? why bother?

Who goes home?

ANOOP!! It's about time. I think a lot of people voted to keep Matt, and in the process left Anoop on the side of the road. Of course, he'll be on tour and he'll put out his album which will go the way of Taylor Hicks - fans but not mainstream.

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