Apr 7, 2009

Idol Tuesday and Mom is home!

I had a meeting this morning at the local high school with the tech and some reps from Dell and IS Corp. They were there to demonstrate their new SAN solution from EqualLogic. I have to say, this is one cool device. Okay, this is going to get techie, but I'll try my best to explain what I learned today.

This device connects to the network like a server. But, you can tell your computers that the storage space on the device is actually storage on the LOCAL machine. So, when you open "My Computer," you see a new drive (like you see a C: drive now) with whatever data is on there. The best part is that you can add or modify the amount of storage on the fly. This means that if you set up the box for 100GB but then need more, you just allocate what you need, type a couple commands, and POW, there ya go! It really is awesome stuff - VERY easy to administer!

After work, I took Tyler to baseball practice and then we drove to Little Rock to pick up Mom and my aunt from the airport. They actually landed earlier than we thought and of course Tyler and I stopped for Sonic beforehand and they took forever. This all added up to us getting there about 25 minutes after they were ready to be picked up...

But, the important thing is that Mom is home now. She seemed pretty beat, so hopefully she'll get a good night's rest in her own bed.

Am I the only one that gets irritated when a task is assigned to a particular individual, but another individual steps in and takes over that task without being asked to do so? If a supervisor assigns a task to someone, there is usually a reason they asked that person to do the job. I would think the person assigned the task would not appreciate someone else walking in and arbitrarily taking over. Likewise, the supervisor would not appreciate the second employee taking over a task that person was not assigned.

I know the second person might think they are being helpful, but it undermines the first person who was asked to perform the task and it undermines the authority of the supervisor. At least, in my opinion anyway.



Danny - "Stand By Me" - Okay, he's got soul, but dawg I'm tired and this is putting me to sleep. It's good, but I hope things pick up tonight. Oh, wait there's a little beat going on now... That's better.

Kris - "All she wants to dance" - Well, he turned it into his own thing. I'm not sure I like the trumpet thing - kinda 'swingy' for me, but still good.

Lil - "What's love got to do with it" - Not exactly her own spin on it, but that doesn't matter. She kept to the original style and she can sing!

Anoop - "True Colors" - He changed the melody for sure. It's almost showtune-like for me though. I think he could be at risk this week.

Scott - "The search is over" - Wow, he could have taken over as the lead for Survivor if he wanted to. Man, that was awesome!

Allison - "I can't make you love me" - She's got a combo Bonnie Rait/Melissa Etheridge/Bonnie Tyler thing going. It's very well done. Great job!

Matt - "Part-time lovers" - No. This did not work for me at all. Talk about your Vegas show performance. UGH...

Adam - Well, our DVR cut off at 9:02 and we did not get to see Adam. So, I will not make any snide remarks or anything. I know, isn't that generous of me?

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