Apr 1, 2009

Bye-Bye... Idol Wednesday

Groups of Three

Megan - BOTTOM THREE - I bet she goes home tonight.
Matt - SAFE - Meh.
Kris - SAFE - Oh, yeah! That is awesome!!

Adam - SAFE - Oy. Well, he'll run out of votes eventually.
Lil - SAFE - I'm glad to see that, but it is no surprise. She's fantastic.
Allison - BOTTOM THREE - Not really a surprise.

Scott - SAFE - Whoa, that's actually a shock to me, just because I figured Anoop was safe always.
Danny - SAFE - Excellent. I hope ends up top five.
Anoop - BOTTOM THREE - Wow, that really surprised me! I thought he had a huge fan following. Evidently not as big as the other folks.

Bottom Three
Megan - SING4SAVE - No save for her, and I'm not surprised. She'll get to show her stuff on tour, but I don't think she'll be missed too much. At least not in this household...
Allison - SAFE - I think she has star potential, no matter what happens.
Anoop - SAFE - I think his luck will run out soon.

What in the fruit is LadyGaGa? They have a #1 song!? This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. Wow, these -er, uh- people would be voted off first round if they were on any kind of reality show. seriously, people listen and watch these freaks? Well, they can at least they left me, ummmm, speechless.... Not in a good way.

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