Apr 28, 2009

Idol Tuesday - Top 5


standards from the rat pack era... Okay, why does AI insist on making their contestants sing songs that no one has heard in 40-50 years!?

Kris looks a lot like Ryan tonight - that's funny! "The way you look tonight" - Very smooth and nice. Shan said she is voting yes for him no matter what - well, "unless he comes out looking like Sanjaya or somethin..."

Allison - "someone to watch over me" - Man, she is good. She really is talented beyond her years. Let her rock, let her do ballads, let her sing. She is great. Shan likes her singing, but thinks she or Matt may be going home.

Matt - "my funny valentine" - I don't understand how Matt even made it this far. This is very Vegas, and not very good at all. Shan says he just bought Allison a one-way ticket through to the next round. I agree completely. He should go home.

Danny - "come rain or come shine" - Wow, very nicely done. I have to admit, these folks are doing some very good things to these very old songs. Man, he's got some Joe Cocker in him...

Adam - "feeling good" - LOL, this is like a bad 'rocky horror picture show' spoof or something. Shan think he'll win the whole thing just because people will keep picking him. I don't give the voters that much credit, or maybe I give them more credit than that. Please, dear voters, send Matt home this week and Adam home next week. Seriously. Save us.

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