Apr 29, 2009

Going down on Idol Wednesday

It's Idol Wednesday, and my laptop was in the truck during the show because for the first time all week, we actually DID get the rain everyone has been telling us was coming our way.

So, I am writing this from memory...

Bottom three:

Adam, Kris, and Matt. That was a bit of a surprise. I didn't expect Allison to make top two! Fortunately, Kris was the first to be allowed to sit down.

Say what!? Adam is in the bottom two? Wow. Really? Is his fan base finally getting tired of all the screaming he does? Are they growing weary of the "sultry" way he tries to look at the camera? Are they just sick of him?

Regardless, the person getting the boot this time was no surprise. Matt leaves the show, only to wait around for the Top Ten Tour.

And, referring to the title of the post, someone please explain something to me. Why is it that Saving Abel's "Addicted" has to have a 'radio-friendly' version, yet Flo-Rida's "RightRound" does not? Both songs openly refer to oral sex, yet only Saving Abel had to change their song to 'when you're loving me' instead of 'when you're going down on me.' Flo-Rida's song clearly says "You spin me right round when you go down, down..."

Is it because Saving Abel plainly says "in between the sheets" in their song? Is it because Flo-Rida's is a remix/mashup of a classic dance hit and Saving Abel is more rock?

Seriously, someone explain this to me.

For the record, I was making fun of all the people wearing masks long before Leno made the crack about Michael Jackson. I wish I had said something on here for proof, but you'll have to take my word or ask my wife. Or not, whatever.

I spent the day Tuesday at one of my area schools going through all of their technology in order to create a report for the incoming Superintendent. I think it went very well, and the district is actually more up-to-date than I think anyone thought. I have a feeling other districts will start to request the same kind of site survey.

Today, I worked at a district switching everyone's computer on campus to Office 2007. I'll be back there on Thursday and Friday to try and finish the job. It's not going as quickly as I had hoped, but I would rather get it done right than have it done wrong poste haste... ("poste" may not be spelled correctly. I have no idea, nor any desire to check my spelling on it. Yeah, I'm that lazy tonight...)

Referring back to Michael Jackson, I think everyone needs to take a moment and just relax. According to several newscasts I have seen, wearing the masks does very little to protect one from the Flying Pig Flu (that's what I'm calling it, thanks). The best thing we can do is wash our hands and cover our mouths - you know, the two things your mother has been telling you since you were three years old...

I absolutely HATE how the government, media, and freaky-deekies try to rule the world through fear and intimidation. Keep everyone afraid of everything, and you can get them to do just about anything.

Please, if you are someone who is freaking out over this whole Flying Pig Flu, quit freaking out. Take common sense precautions. If you think you have the symptoms, go to the doctor to be tested. But ONLY if you have the symptoms. If you're not sick, don't go to the doctor to be tested. It's a waste of time and money. If you end up with the Flying Pig Flu, take the medicine, monitor your status, work with your doctor. But, most of all, chill out.

Oh brother, and speaking of fear and intimidation - HOLY CRAP, foreigners are building the windmill turbine things that no one is even really using yet! OMG! The world is coming to an end because Americans aren't building them, or buying them, or whatever it is we're not doing... Puh-leaze...

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