Apr 8, 2009

Idol Wednesday

Wow, Frankie Avalon basically looks the same. He's like Kasey Kasem. LOL... Man, that was great! what a surprise!!

"Can't get you out of my head" - well, I can't say that about the song. Unlike many songs that get stuck in my head, this one will float out as fast as it goes in there...

Counting down to the bottom three:

Adam - SAFE - Duh. Shan said, "He knows that. He's a cocky little thing."
Kris - SAFE - Excellent! Save the Arky Boy!
Anoop - BOTTOM THREE - Well, here he is again... and again... and again...
Danny - SAFE - Man, this really is a great group of Idol contestants this year.
Matt - SAFE - I'm kinda surprised.
Scott - BOTTOM THREE - Not surprised after thinking back.
Allison - SAFE - Awesome!
Lil - BOTTOM THREE - okay, there is no way she's getting voted off here...

BOTTOM THREE - I think they would save Lil if they had to.

Anoop - SAFE - Dang. Of the two, I would rather Scott be around.

Scott - GONE - That's a bummer. There's no way he'll be saved. Well, he's in the Top 10 going on the tour, so that's great for him! I still say he can sing great. I think it says a lot that they deliberated as long as they did. But, Simon is right. There is other talent that may need the save later in the show.

Lil - SAFE - Of course! There was no way she should have even been there.

Flo Rida... Well, like most singers today, he can't come up with his own stuff, so he lifts the best part of a classic 80's song. That's not fair. Lifting/ sampling/ stealing/ unoriginality/ whatever you want to call it, has been around forever. Guess I'm just getting sick of people not being creative enough to come up with their hooks.

Kelly Pickler - I'm glad she has grown her hair out some. That other look made her look about 20 years older than she was. She had some rough spots, but great!

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