Apr 11, 2009

Finally Friday... and Saturday

Someone at work decided it would be a good thing to have each employee choose a day (or have one chosen for them) that they would have to cook on that Friday. My day was supposed to be in march, but another employee asked me to swap days and so mine came up as April 10.

Shan asked me what i wanted to serve, and I figured her famous chicken pot pie would be an easy thing to put together once I got to work. I also planned to feed about 30 people, so we have to double her usual recipe.

Thursday evening, I cooked the chicken and Shan put all the filler together. Once it was poured into two crockpots, we put the fillings into the fridge until Friday. After that, Shan baked the pie crusts and started mixing up brownies for dessert.

After everything was said and done, we hit the bed and I gathered up the brownies (plain and turtle with carmel and nuts), the crusts, and the crockpots and headed to work. I plugged the pots in once I got there, and waited around until 11:30. well, I should say I worked until 11:30, really.

Around 11:30, I started filling the crusts. I only did three of them because wasn't sure how much would get eaten and we could use the crust later if no one used it. Remember when I said we cooked enough for 30 people? Well, turns out, the filler could have fed 40 or more, really. How do I know this? because about half the employees were out on Friday. So, we had about 15 people there to eat enough food for 30! AUGH!

I assembled the pies, laid out the 'extra topping' crusts (we cut the bottom out of one crust and place on top of a filled pie, then use the 'leftover' pieces as extra topping - YUM!), and set out salad and the brownies.

Well, the pot pies were a HUGE hit!! Many of the folks went back for seconds and thirds! we ended up filling the fourth pie, but not eating all of it, so John asked to take it home. We still had enough filler to fill a big bowl, so I will buy a couple crusts on Monday and feed the crowd again - people that missed out can try some and people who are starving for more can indulge once again!

It was very cool that several people said it was the BEST POT PIE they had ever eaten! Of course, I have thought that from day one, but it was great to hear other people saying, too, and to pass along that info to Shan!

The brownies were also a big hit! Of course, a lot of the folks came back for seconds once I told them that there were two types and the type with nuts also had carmel!

After work, Tyler had a scrimmage baseball game versus and older team, and we got our butts kicked. The funny thing is that the score didn't really reflect how evenly matched the two teams ended up being. The big difference was that the older kids could run faster and steal bases VERY quickly. They had guys that turn base hits into a player standing on third within in one pitch. Tyler was upset with himself because he didn't get any hits, but he played great at first base, and he and another player had a crazy collision that had a woman behind me convinced Tyler had broken his arm... he hadn't, though. Just jumped higher than I have ever seen him jump and landed on the other player weirdly because he was so high up.

Today (Saturday), Mom and I took my aunt back to the airport so she could get back to Pittsburgh. We left the house at 6:00am... For me, that is VERY early for a Saturday morning!!

When I got back home, I laid down for about 30 minutes before getting up to help clean the house. Tyler was already helping out, which was very nice (though I'm sure part of that was due to his allowance!). After cleaning, it was time for lunnch and Wal-Mart.

Well, we stopped at Hibbett's first, so Tyler could get a glove, cleats, and a few other things. I found a very nice polo Razorbacks shirt on clearance. Shan got Emily some Easter shoes at payless next door.

At Wal-Mart, I picked up a kitchen sink repair kit because our sink had started leaking. I have never swapped out a drain before, so with Shan's help (she had to hold the vice grips while I loosened the already-installed drain) we got the old one out. I put in some plumber's putty, assembled everything, wiped away the excess, tested it out, and we had no leaks!!

I realize that is no-brainer stuff to a lot of folks, but I am not 'handyman-inclined' around the house. Or I didn't use to be. seems I am doing more of that kind of stuff, and learning as I go. My biggest problem is getting over the fear of royally screwing something up. Of course, even if I did that, all I'd have to do is find someone to fix it, right? I mean, how hard could that have been on Easter weekend? :-)

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