Mar 24, 2009

On the 3rd day of Spring Break

Monday - On the third day of spring break, here is what we did...

Shan woke up VERY sick. She spent the whole day down and out of it. She is feeling better today, but is still a little slow-going. It worked out, though, because we were supposed to babysit our niece, Kensley. Well, she also woke up sick (as was Jess, her mom), so they stayed home.

The problem with writing these the after is that I can't remember what all I we did... So, today's recap will not be in chronological order, but rather more like a series of snapshots. Probably very badly developed snapshots....

Emily and I moved the truck up to Mom's place and I broke out a bucket, soap and rags, and we hosed down the truck. There are many fun things about washing your vehicle with a 6-year old - getting soap everywhere, squirting the hose 'accidentally' on each other, etc. The downside is that the adult has to go back and 're-do' the areas that were 'cleaned' by the youngin'. I pulled this off by telling her that I had to clean the tall areas (true) and that my cleaning was making her areas kinda dirty again (sorta true). In the end, it all worked out and my truck looks clean as new!

Once we finished the truck, I swapped it out for Shan's van. Emily and I repeated the cleaning for the van.

After washing the vehicles, Emily changed into her bathing suit and we played in the water for a while. My Mom has one of those nozzles that changes into different kinds of spray. Emily experimented with each one - shower, jet, flat, center, etc. She loved running through the water as it arced ('a rainbow,' as she called it). Of course, I had fun soaking her directly.

Tyler, Emily and I played "Life" together. I ended up with the most money, but Emily was a very close second. Tyler was too busy earning $30,000 each pay day as an athlete. He said he was a ball player, but I told him that he must not have been a very good one! That came back to haunt me in the way of a 'salary swap' when he traded his 30k salary for my 100k pay. Ouch. So, there I was, a teacher making $30,000. Well, that's a little closer to reality anyway.

At some point, we watched "Celebrity Apprentice," shaking our heads at what a slacker Dennis Rodman is on that show. I have to agree with Robin, though. I had no idea Melissa Rivers ever actually DID anything in life. Frankly, I believe she would be nothing if she weren't Joan Rivers' daughter. She produced those "big, red carpet extravaganzas" on TV. Really? I mean, okay... Has anyone ever actually ever WATCHED those? I mean, that's like me saying that I've produced over 100 videos. While that is a true statement, no one has seen any of them that I know of. Why not? Well, most were for demo/teaching purposes. But, even if I put them on YouTube, the point is this: If no one watches, who cares who produced it? Just sayin.

At some point during the day, I managed to make it through the level I was working on in Advanced Warfighter. The level after that one, however, has proved to be hard because I have idiots on my team. Or maybe I don't know how to 'properly' command them yet. See, they run from point to point without checking to see what may be up ahead. I might as well be playing by myself instead of having these computer-controlled suicide daredevils on my squad! At one point, three guys went charging around a corner into an ambush. See, I would have gone to the corner and peeked around first. Not these geniuses! Let's imagine the scenario:

#1: "Hey, guys, the Captain told us to go around this corner where there might be some enemies waiting."
#2: "Well, he told us to execute the move, so we better get on it!"
#3: "don't you think we should take it slow?"
#1: "Shut up, you wuss! Let's move, let's move!"
#2: "Hoorah!"
#3 (standing over his fallen comrades): "Yeah, THAT was brilliant.... Captain, we have two men down here. Not that it matters much."

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