Mar 11, 2009

Idol Thoughts 2009 Top 13, er 11

Top 13 Idols

Holy Michael-friggin Jackson! Man, this is the best Idol ever and it hasn't even started yet! I know MiJac is way out there on the social interaction scale, but there is no denying his power and place in music and entertainment.

Speaking of Michael, the rumor on the street is that he's got a new single coming out before his London shows in July! I'll keep my eyes peeled. There is also a rumor floating around that he is going to release an

Lil Rounds------Y------Y-----
Scott M --------?------?-----
Danny G --------Y------Y-----
Michael S ------Y------Y-----
Jasmine --------Y------Y-----
Kris A ---------Y------Y-----
Allison --------N------?-----
Anoop ----------N------?-----
Jorge ----------N------N-----
Megan ----------?------N-----
Adam -----------N------N-----
Matt G ---------?------?-----
Alexis ---------Y------Y-----

Lil Rounds - This girl can sing the phone book! Man, she knocked "The Way You make Me Feel" out of the park!
Scott M - "Keep the Faith" - I like Scott, but I'm not sure if this was good enough to keep in him.
Danny G - "PYT" - Man, he did not start strong, but once he got going - it was very well done! Shan said she could listen to him on the radio very easily.
Michael S - "You are Not Alone" - He's got soul and almost a country thing going. Okay, well, he has some weird pronunciations and affectations. But he will stay alive this round.
Jasmine - "I'll Be There" - wow, big song. Not the greatest version, but she can sing for sure.
Kris - The boy from Arkansas. Wow, he and his wife make a cute couple. "Remember the Time" - We like him. He has grown on me. A few rough spots though. Ouch.
Allison - I like the raspy voice, but the screaming has got to go.
Anoop - "Beat It" - Wow, this is bad. Karaoke and breathless. It's bad, bad, ya know it, c'mon. Shan said it was better than she expected him to be. He has a strong following though.
Jorge - Wow, this is like a bad Las Vegas act. I am not feelin this one.
Megan - Shan said, "Tattoo. No." She's doin' "Rockin Robin." Wow, this is kinda weird. It is a slightly updated version, but has a 'sing-along' quality or something.
Adam - Hate the 'look.' "Black or White" - wow big shoes to fill. Uh, no. This is like watching a bad Zac Efron imitation, and that's not good to start with. Wow, this gets worse the longer he sings.
Matt G - "Human Nature" - Not bad, okay, nothing special.
Alexis - "Dirty Diana" - Interesting choice of song for a woman to sing. I like her version though. Very rockin, cool. Gives a whole take on the lyrics...

And now, we move ahead to the results:

The "Judges Save" is an interesting twist. We'll see if they even use it.

Michael Sarver - SAFE - Excellent!
Allison - SAFE - meh.
Jasmine - GONE - What? Really? Wow, that surprises me. And they kicked her off pretty early in the show.
Matt G - SAFE - not bad, not great
Megan - SAFE - okay...
Scott - SAFE - I hope he goes far.
Alexis - SAFE - I thought she did well, hope she goes far.
Danny - SAFE - Awesome! I am a big fan of his.
Anoop - SAFE - well, I didn't care if he or Jorge went home.
Adam - SAFE - Well, we don't agree with that one. ugh.
Jorge - GONE - No surprise. I hope the judges don't keep him. No save.
Lil Rounds - SAFE - Hot dog! I think she could take it all.

Carrie Underwood singing "Home Sweet Home" is awesome!

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