Mar 27, 2009

Idol Thursday - on Friday

Short and sweet tonight....

Adam - (safe) - Duh, we knew he would be safe... Dangit.
Matt G - Bottom 3 - Wow, that surprises me given his popularity. Maybe it's just 'rumored' popularity.
Kris - SAFE! - Awesome! The boy from Conway keeps on keepin on!
Michael - Bottom 3 - He spends a lot time on the edge...
Lil Rounds - SAFE - That is a no-brainer!! I'm going to be in shock if/when she does finally get bottom three...
Allison - SAFE - She's going far in this, and she will do very well long after Idol is over. I think she will be a rocker that puts out albums every few years and has a long career.
Whoever - SAFE - I wasn't paying attention.
Danny - SAFE - I've liked him from the beginning.
Scott - Bottom 3 -
Megan - SAFE - She is quirky. I can't decide if it's a good kind or not yet...

Bottom Three:

Scott - SAFE - I am very surprised that he made it after his performance. I don't think he'll last too much longer.
Matt - SAFE - I didn't like him, but then I am only one person. Oh, and I didn't vote.
Michael - Last week, the judges would have saved him. If he is voted off, I wonder if they'll save him this week.

Michael - I really do like him. He is one of the most genuine people out there. Whatever happens, he's already said he is thrilled to be going on tour.
--Wow, they sent him home. We had it on DVR and our recording ran out with these words, "Michael, you're going home."

Wow, Stevie Wonder! How cool is that!?

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  1. So here's my opinion on this. Adam is the BEST! He's does have an amazing fan base which includes me. He had outstanding talent and a good background in music and theater. His performances have been great! He is HOTT!!! His look is the most amazing part about him (next to his talent). It wouldn't surprise me if he won. Whine all you want to, but he's just the bomb!!