Mar 3, 2009

American Idol Wednesday (er, Tuesday)

Okay, so I was a day ahead of myself when I made the title originally. It has been a S--L--O--W week!!


Our Thoughts:

  • Von - uh, what's with the whispering there, guy? Not happenin.
  • Taylor - Not awful, but not great in my opinion. Wrong song or something.
  • Alex - He's got a great personality. I'm a little mixed. He has too much affectation. Shan gave him a NO. Kind of weird karaoke in there.
  • Arianna - ABBA!? Really? Way too old fashioned for me.
  • Ju'Not - Yeah, i was right: Ju' *Not* the next American Idol. This nearly put me to sleep. If you're going to sing this, you should put a dance mix feel to it. Shan, on the other hand, gave him a Yes.
  • Kristen - Kan you say Karaoke? Well, since she is a karaoke hostess, she has the right job.
  • Nathaniel - He was given a NO before the show started. I just don't like him. Period.
  • Felicia - Well, the competition finally starts tonight! Excellent job for her!
  • Scott - I am a huge fan of his and I love "Mandolin Rain" and together, it's a total victory.
  • Kendall - Not bad, not great. I don't think she'll get the votes.
  • Jorge - Well, he's no Ricky Martin. My mother-in-law said she wasn't even voting in this and she gave him a NO.
  • Lil Rounds - Shan gave her a YES before she even started singing. We are big fans of Lil! Let's see how she does. Man, she is good. She sounds like she has already won and had been invited back to perform.

For the record, we didn't listen to much of the judges comments. We needed to go to bed sometime tonight.

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