Mar 5, 2009

Idol Thursday - Judges pick too many.


Jessie - I liked her a lot. Shan isn't so sure.
Matt - I am not a fan whatsoever. He killed that Jackson 5 song, and not in a good way.
Megan - I have to say no. shan said, "no, no, no, nonono, she's not the one for me!"
Von - Uh, slow falsetto. Can you spell Buh-Bye!?
Jasmine - I gave Jasmine a yes before she even got on stage. She is flat out awesome.
Ricky - Karaoke for me. He tried too hard to sound like he was not trying to sound like Stevie. Shan kinda liked him.
Tatiana - She just drives me nuts, and not in a good way. Ryan on his knees was hilarious! she can sing, though, and I hate that. I have to give her a yes, even though I can't stand it. Shan says "She can sing, but NO!" I didn't realize she had sung it before. I changed my answer to NO.
Anoop - Well, you know he is freaking because he already sang this before. He should get slammed for it too.

Shan picks: Anoop, Jasmine, Megan
Emily picks: Megan, Jasmine, Anoop
Dave picks: Jessie, Jasmine, Anoop (only because that's who will go through)

And the judges say:
Jasmine - Top 12!
Ricky - Not top 12
Megan - Top 12!
Tatiana - Not top 12 - it's all about Tatiana... Give me a break. Paula's right, she's certainly an actor.
Jessie - Not top 12
Von - Not top 12
Matt - Top 12 - Wow, that is an absolute shock.
Anoop - Top 13!? Okay... whatever. He who makes the rules can break the rules. Emily said it is the weirdest thing she has ever seen on American Idol.

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