Mar 4, 2009

Idol Wednesday - Really!

The results are in. Let's see how things go tonight:

Well, the opening number wasn't too bad. "Hot and Cold" is one of my favorite songs as of late.

Lil is the first one in right off the bat! That was a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. She has an excellent chance to go all the way.

Ariana - Not top 12 - Not surprising, but might get a wildcard.

Taylor - Not top 12 - I don't even remember her from last night.

Alex - Not Top 12 - Yeah, his performance was a little weird. I don't think we'll hear from him anymore.

Kendall - Not top 12 - We didn't go for her...

Scott - Top 12! - That is excellent! He's got a shot at top 5, I believe.

Nathaniel - Not top 12 - Thank the heavens above! I'm sure he's got a following, but I think we've seen the last of him.

Kristen - Not top 12 - Shan liked her. I didn't. I think she's done.

Von - Not top 12 - No big loss there.

Felicia - Not top 12 - Bummer. We liked her.

Ju'Not - Not top 12 - He might be a wildcard.

Jorge - Top 12 - What the heck? He cannot sing, people. Wake up.

Here are the wildcards:

Von - What!? That is not someone I would have picked. I was hoping he was outta here. Well, he won't be around long.
Jasmine - Now, that's a great choice. She has appeal, she can sing.
Ricky - I don't really remember him.
Megan - I think we liked her singing...
Tatiana - What the heck is in those Coke glasses? She is ridiculous. There are people who deserve this spot so much more.
Matt - Wow, yet another person we thought be disappear into the ether.
Jesse - We'll see how she does. I'm neither way with her.
Anoop - Oh brother.

Man, there are some talented folks that totally hosed in the wildcard round. Guess you gotta do something for ratings.

Well, it will certainly be a multicultural Idol this year. Maybe that will help push everyone to new levels!

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