Mar 18, 2009

Idol-ing on Wednesday

I've had a busy blogging day today, so be sure to keep reading below this post for the other ramblings in my head!


Alrighty, folks, let's see how things go tonight.

"T-R-O-U-B-L-E" - not a bad performance at all! Entertaining and it was fun to watch some folks mess up their lines. :-)

The Ford video was cute. Ryan needs some pitching practice, evidently, since he pegged an audience member with his water balloon. DOH!

So, who gets to go on tour this year?

Danny - SAFE! - Excellent!
Lil Rounds - SAFE! - I really like her, but I hope Danny or Kris wins the whole thing.
Anoop - SAFE - This shows the power of the judges. Anoop wouldn't be there if the judges hadn't saved him into the top 13.
Allison - BOTTOM THREE - Wow, that is a surprise.
Michael - BOTTOM THREE - Now, that makes sense based on last night's disaster.
Scott - SAFE - Wow, that is very surprising after his 'elton john' performance.
Megan - SAFE - I'm a little surprised, but I think she has a strong fan base.
Matt - SAFE - no comment.
Kris - SAFE - Wahoo! The boy from Arkansas gets top 10!
Alexis - wow, Randy called her Allison. That's bad.
Adam - SAFE - dang. But, he's got a fan base too, whoever that might be. UGH.

Allison is SAFE. I loved her rockin out yesterday. She needs to do something a little slower at some point, but I think she has a lot of fun and is very talented for a sixteen year old.

So, we are down to Alexis and Michael. I think it'll be Michael....

Wow, FIVE YEARS since Carrie was on Idol!? Wow, it has gone by very fast. Carrie sounds as good live as she does in a recording. That is amazing. She is so good, she had to pull back from the mic so she wouldn't stomp on Randy's vocals. Awesome duet.

If the judges had to use a save, I believe they would save Alexis because they really like her.

Michael is SAFE... Holy crap. Ryan was not kidding. It was a shocker of a night. I never guessed Michael would be saved. Wow, that'll make you slap your Momma.

Wow, based on their reaction, I guess they would have saved Michael... Definitely a shocker.

I think we will see her again before too long. I think she'll cut at least one professional CD after the show. Where things go from there? We'll just have to wait and see.

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