Mar 6, 2009

Irrational fear of OIL CHANGES

Hello. My name is Dave. I'm a guy and I have an irrational fear of getting my oil changed. Yes, it's true, and I freely admit the fact. What would cause such a fear in a person? because my fear is that I would end up like this person:

Now, that is captured from a video you can find online. To see the video, search youtube or whatever. The truth is, if you watch the video, I think it's set up. The driver comes in way too fast for anyone pulling into an oil change place.

But, the fact is, the driver drove right into the change pit. Every time I pull my truck up to the service bay, I line up my wheels and I watch the guy guide me in - all the while hoping truck doesn't end up in the pit. The funny thing is, the place I get my oil changed has little rails that stick up, so even if I drifted a little, I'd hit the rails before diving off into the deep end HEMI first.

Nonetheless, my heart races, my hands grip the wheel tightly, and I pray like mad (on the inside).

Is there a term for the 'fear of driving into the oil change pit?' Perhaps Pennzoilophobia or QuakerStateus Fallinus?

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