Mar 25, 2009

Idol Wednesday

Scott M-----N-------?----
Michael S---N-------N----
Lil Rounds--Y-------Y----

We actually tuned in late (7:10 or so) tonight, so we missed Matt's whole thing. Guess we'll see at the end in the recap.
Kris - I liked it. Not the greatest thing from him, but not too bad either.
Scott - What is with the slow starts tonight? come on, just get into the song. I don't like this version. I think he'll stay around, but I'm not likin' it...
Megan - Shan says Megan could be on Broadway and such, but not sure about main stream. Shan says she doesn't think she's American Idol.
Anoop - Unless this picks up, you'll have to wake me up. Wait, is he singing, "Snooo-hoooze, baby, baby?" I'm saying NO, but he has a strong fan base, for whatever reason. shan said she wwas going to try for a yes, but had to say no.
Michael S - Not bad, but kinda 'las vegas' to me.
Lil R - She did well, not her best, but she is awesome.
Adam - Uh. No. At least he looks normal this week, but that whole falsetto thing is just annoying.
Danny - Good job!
Allison - Girl's got chops. Man, she is very good.

Oh, the crayons and coloring books from Paula to Simon was great!!! Classic!

Not too much IDOL stuff going on because we BOOKED OUR TRIP!!! Wahoo!! We are going to NYC for summer vacation this year!

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