Mar 22, 2009

On the 1st Day of Spring Break, this is what I did

Yeah, so I'm doing a "12 Days of Spring Break" thing... I can't promise it'll actually match the words/tune of the song, though... Oh, and we only get like 9 days for spring break, so there ya go.

Saturday - On the first day of Spring Break, this is what I did: taught 30+ teachers project-based learning with the use of technology and gave them each a flip video camera to keep for classroom use.

Yeah, that doesn't really work, does it? Oh well, that's what I did.

Oh, and then I also installed a new hard drive in my computer and installed Windows on it since my crazy computer was acting up. The advantage is that I now have two 150GB hard drives plus an 80GB hard drive in my computer. Of course, one of the 150GB drives is the old hard drive that still has all our data on it. Once I get all that moved, I'll reformat it and use it for games, videos, whatever.

So, technically, on the first day of Spring Break, I taught 30 teachers project-based learning and I reinstalled Windows XP! (Okay, if you work really hard, you can sorta make that work, but you kinda have to pretend you're sining the second day of Spring Break. But, you're not because that's for another post coming soon!)

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