Mar 11, 2009

Gone for Days

Here's the deal. See, I had training on Monday and Tuesday in Little Rock. On the way to training, I decided I would bust out my voice recorder (okay, so it is built into my cell phone) and record whatever thoughts came into my head. The plan was then to write them down here. Yeah, we see how THAT worked out.

Tonight, I present a few of the thoughts I can remember. In no particular order:

While driving down the Interstate, a car coming the other direction (on his own side of the highway) suddenly pulled off the road onto the shoulder. As I approached, I saw that a coyote ot wolf had gotten trapped between the front tire and the front bumper. It was wedged in there pretty good. So much so, in fact, that as I passed by, I looked in my rear view mirror to see the car's reverse lights come on as the drive tried to get the carcass unstuck.

A little further down the road, I approached several police cars with lights flashing. There were also wreckers and rescue vehicles. As I passed by, a tractor trailer had managed to go flying off the road into some trees. The cab and about a third of the trailer were demolished. I also had enough time to notice there were two police on four-wheelers riding around near the creek that was just beyond what was left of the truck's cab. Why were they on 4-wheelers? I have no idea. Or as Emily would say, "I have no-eyed deer!"

Because Shan had bought a large sweet tea from Sonic for me before I left for the training, I was plenty ready for that rest stop when it came into view. After the two accidents I had seen, though, I wasn't sure i should stop. Mother Nature decided for me. I turn 40 next month. The big four-oh. I used to drink gallons of stuff and not have to make a pit stop for eight hours at a time. A lot has changed since my college years.

We played around with Movie Maker in the training. Being the attention deficited person I am, I poked around and found a green-screen add-on for Movie maker. It's free, just a little XML file really, and it is cool. Of course, I didn't think too make anything I could post on here. That would have made too much sense. Maybe someday. then again, you can search YouTube for Movie Maker Green screen and find all kinds of cool effects.

I'll be posting our Idol Thoughts here later tonight. We planned to watch it on Tuesday, but got sidetracked talking about various things going on in school.

The home computer decided it wanted to act up tonight, so instead of me getting to post some cool things on my Indians baseball card blog, I spent two hours fighting the dumb thing and still managed to not get it working. For some reason, Office Picture Manager locks everything up when i select "crop" now. I found a 'possible' solution online, but of course that didn't work. I'm quickly approaching the 'bigger hammer' method. Rather than go that route, I opted to sit in the living room with the TV off and write this post. Yay me, I guess.

Well, for now, I'll wrap this up. Thanks for stopping by. I wish I could say I entertained you, but looking back, it was mostly carnage and wreckage in various flavors.

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