Jan 14, 2010

HTC Touch Pro and Crashing the server

Are you having trouble getting your HTC Touch Pro (or other Windows Mobile Phone) to charge when you plug it in to a USB cable?  I was, and I was getting pretty sick of it.  I searched online for an answer, but came up empty.  I did the what I should have done in the first place: check the settings.

In SETTINGS > SYSTEM > POWER, I had an option that reads, "When the device is turned on, do not charge the battery when connected to the PC."

In my case, the option was CHECKED, meaning that the phone would NOT charged when plugged into a USB port. So, I UNCHECKED the box.

Why is this even an option!?  Who wouldn't want their phone to charge while it was plugged in?  Hmm, I'd like to hear some feedback on that one.

I tried a new backup technique at work on Wednesday night.  The backup started at 9:00pm.  According to the event logs, at approximately 9:03pm, something went horribly wrong.  Of course, I didn't know this until this morning.  It turns out the server had been booting and rebooting all night long. Ouch.  Scratch that backup plan.  I believe the issue was related to the USB hard drive I plugged in.  Turns out the server only has USB 1.0 connections.  OY.

I am sure I've got other thoughts running around in my head.  For example, I need to share with you the story of my experience installing Phoebe's LiveScribe on her new Windows 7 machine.  I called tech support because all of the audio files that had been attached to previous recording sessions no longer seemed to exist after the upgrade.

The tech support person said the problem was that I had upgraded the pen's firmware and I needed to downgrade in order to get the previous files off the old computer then transfer them to the new one.  I took her at her word and she emailed me a link.  The link took me to the NEW firmware that I already had on the pen.  Confused, I turned to resources online.  As I pondered and puzzled, John suggested I roll back the computer using System Restore.  That helped bring back the connection between the audio files and the PDF writing from the pen.  Of course, it also brought back the old version of the software.

I followed steps I found online, moving from 1.6 to 1.7 to 2.03 (or whatever is current).  1.6 > 1.7 went fine - all files in tact.  1.7 > 2.03 - oops, disconnect.  After some more searching, I called tech support.  This time, the guy told me that I needed to follow a series of steps that he would email me.  The steps addressed an issue where no audio files were being transferred from the pen to the computer.  Well, I followed them, even though the files (new files) were transferring fine.  After the transfer, I had new audio files but the previously existing ones (pages 1-64) were disconnected again.  Go figure.

After poking around the 'net, the LiveScribe site had a simple little line in one of it's release notes documents: A known issue reports that previously transferred audio files became disconnected from their pages after the upgrade to 2.0x.  A known, unresolved issue.  Had I known that, I could have saved myself nearly a day's worth of time.

So, if you have a LiveScribe Pen and have moved to Windows 7, let me know if your old audio files are disconnected from their PDF pages.  Or better yet, let me know if they are still connected!  I'd love to know the steps yo took to preserve the information.

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