Jan 13, 2010

Daily Photo (Crafty Drawer)

A drawer I made for Shan a few years ago.

A few years ago, I had trouble deciding what "unique" item I wanted to get for Shan (a teacher) for her birthday.  For whatever reason, my vehicle ended up at Michael's craft store.  As I looked around, an idea came to me: I coud MAKE her a gift!  I found all the little trinkets around the store - some in scrapbooking, some in doll houses, some I have no recollection.  Shan's "favorite" piece is the teacher bag with the books coming out of it.  I didn't want to just "stick stuff" in the sections, but rather I wanted the drawer to reach out, to make the onlooker want to explore and discover the different nooks and crannies.  Near the top, the two "books" stacked on each other (we see the bottom edge in this photo) are mini "Big Chief" notebooks!  Talk about childhood memories.

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