Jan 26, 2010

A little distraction

Sometimes, I find things online that actually hold my attention longer than a few minutes.  And, thanks to friends and colleagues, I don't always have to go find those things myself...  Here are a couple of my favorite "distractions:"

"Distracted By Star Wars" - http://dbsw.tumblr.com/
"Photoshop Disasters" - http://photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com/
KUDO, game authoring from Microsoft - http://fuse.microsoft.com/kodu/
"Where are you in the movie?" - http://www.amberdigital.com/where/

I've got more, but I'll have to compile a list of them. Maybe it will become one of my infamous "40 Things" lists.  Yes, I could name 40, I'm sure. I am easily distracted.

(from Distracted by Star Wars)

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