Jan 5, 2010

Dinosaurs and Rockets - and a cool T-Shirt!

 As some of you know, I was asked to help write the theme song for this really cool science show called "Dinosaurs and Rockets."  Well, it turns out they also have very cool (and VERY limited) first-run T-shirts for sale on their web site:

You'll see the shirt features a "pocket" for your science because Joel and Howie give students "science for their pockets" in the way of podcasts the students can listen to/watch on their media players!  In fact, that is their tag line: Dinosaurs and Rockets, Putting science in your pockets!
Pictured above is Kimberly W who teaches in El Paso, TX, showing off the back of the shirt.  She got one for free by having Joel and Howie do a live, interactive session with her classroom!!  How cool is that!?

Want one of these great shirts?  It's easy!  Go here for more info: http://dinosaursandrockets.com/

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