Jan 25, 2010

Daily Photo (Light Reading)

(A little light reading?)

This is "supposed" to be my photo for Sunday, since I missed posting yesterday.  The books are actually on my bookshelf at work.  And, yes, the are stacked vertically.  And, no, I haven't actually read them all.  I have, however, used each as a reference for one thing or another.   I'm not even sure some of those would be any good whatsoever at this point.  ASP scripting is bye-bye.  The Exchange books are actually for the previous version than we have.  I think we've upgraded the 2000 servers to 2003.  What's funny to me is that the stack is nearly in a chronological order. Start with ASP scripting and end with Podcasting and Windows Development... Er, well, the WinDev book is pretty old.  Yeah, there is no order in this library!

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