Jan 5, 2010

Daily Photo (My Desk at Work)

One corner of my desk at work

The mundane, the banal, the not-so-extraordinary shot above came from an inspirational spark as I tried to figure out just what to do for today's photo.  Upon closer examination, however, it reveals more about me than I realized.  Though what one would do with such information eludes me.

First of all, let's talk composition.  As things move from left to right (that is also the direction in which my computer rests), things more packed in, more compressed, leaving less and less "white space."  Also notice the amount of yellow in the photo.  In the scheme of office-based photography, I'd venture to say it's a lot of yellow.  Sure, one is a Wendy's cup, but still, one cannot deny the placement of the cup was not as random as perhaps even I had first thought.  Move from yellows to a splash of blue on the water bottle (unopened, by the way) to the red and white of the Christmas candies (which I won at the company party before the break).  A touch of chrome on the thermos-thingy behind the box, and of course the big brown box in front.  Yes, that is the same box shown in my post from yesterday describing the first day back after break.  The viewer's eye is drawn across the photo from left to right (if you notice space first) or right-to-left (if you notice the clutter first and move toward open spaces).

Next, let's talk objects: 

  • A drink cup - probably ubiquitous in office environments - with the straw pointed in my general direction even though I would certainly pick up the cup in order to take a drink. 

  • The highlighter with built-in sticky-note things.  That would suggest I was organized and interested in details.  Perhaps.  Or maybe my daughter played with it before the break and I forgot to put it away.  Whatever. 

  • The Legos - colorful and arranged in some kind of random shape - suggests playfulness within constraints.  That one I would say is dead on. 

  • The Hand Sanitizer?  Like most things on my desk - unopened!

  • The unopened water bottle?  Yeah, I can't even explain that one.  I am not a big fan of water.  Water tates like... well, nothing.  And that is my problem with it.  If I remember, I'll grab one of the add-in flavor packets from home and turn it into something not quite unlike Kool-Aid.

  • The holiday mints?  As I mentioned above, I won those at the company party and just opened them on Monday.  So far, John is the only person that I know of to actually have taken a few.  Now, if those were chocolate, we'd have a whole different picture.

  • The chrome thermos-thingy?  You can't see it in the photo, but it has an Intel logo on the side.  It was a prize I received at a conference one year.  Before the conference, I was sent ONE white tube sock.  in order to claim my prize, I had to take that sock and match it to another sock at the conference.  I did, and the cool thermos was my prize.  Like the bottle of water, the thermos has not been opened that I can recall.  It looks cool. 'Nuff said.

  • The box contains two of the five iPod Touches it is supposed to have in it.  Evidently during shipping and handling, someone decided to open the box (breaking the factory seal), help themselves to a few Touches, then reseal the box with way more tape than Apple uses.  Apple is getting us the replacement units and they are dealing with the handlers.

  • That thing behind the thermos?  That is a Dacal CD holder.  It's USB-powered and comes with a database.  You look up the DVD you want, click the number, and the unit spins around to spit out that DVD.  Fun, right?

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  1. Has Tyler told you our way to integrate mobile technology (namely iPod Touches) into our youth lessons?