Jan 24, 2010

Daily Photo (Good Things come ... from the printer?)

Now, if MIT can just work the bugs out of their food printer....

I was working near our home computer yesterday, trying to solve a printing problem with the MacBook I am using.  While sitting there, the printer started whirring and when it printed, the recipe above came out!  I've seen these molten cakes at restaurants, and Shan told me that she and Emily are going to make some at home!  I'm looking forward to the taste-testing!

*FYI - I am serious about the food printer from MIT.  Here's an article about it: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2010/01/mits_food_printer.html and other articles can be found by searching for "MIT Food Printer" into your favorite search engine.

**Yes, this is a day late for a Daily Photo.  This is actually Saturday's picture.

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