Jan 3, 2010

Daily Photo (Not quite the MacKenzie's)

Bob and Dave at the Waffle House in Conway, AR on Oak St.

In early December, 2009, Bob (aka Coke1 on Plurk) and I met up with Kevin Honeycutt (aka, well, KevinHoneycutt on Plurk) at a Waffle House near our respective hotels.  The picture was taken by Kevin.  After the meal, Kevin invited us back to his room for an impromptu iPod/Guitar jam session.  That somehow led to Bob and I being invited to play on stage the next day in front of a crowd of school techs, media specialists, and others from around Arkansas.

While Kevin played his guitar, Bob and I each used an iPod Touch and the "Band" app for accompaniment with some 12-bar blues and drumming.  We had a great time, which I know you would never guess from the picture above.

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