Apr 14, 2010

A Parody: Plurk is Quirky

To the tune "Walking after Midnight" (with liberties and imagination):

Plurk is Quirky
Can not post right
While we're online
Just like we used to do

Plurk's always quirky
No pictures load right
or even youtube

I plurk for hours
And watch my karma
Well there's no harm-a saying I'll plurk you

But Plurk is quirky
And Links don't work right
Searching's broke too

I tried a picture of a willow
or a smiley with a pillow
Maybe plurk's just too quirky

And as updates go by me
No new posts that I see
I'm plurkless as I can be

Oh Plurk is quirky
Can not post right
Can't get online
Just hoping once it won't be

Plurk is quirky
Karma's not right
Not Working for me

I tried posting video
Computer just said "uh, no"
Maybe plurk's too quirky for me
And as updates go by me
karma falls so quickly
I'm plurkless as I can be
So Plurk is quirky
It don't work right
Can't get online
And I'm hoping it may be
Plurk's just quirky
After midnight
It'll start working for me

1 comment:

  1. It's the Plurk song! Now we need music for it please :-D