Apr 21, 2010

40 Things, or maybe just 13...

Last year, I turned 40.  As a tribute of sorts, I had set out to write 40 blog posts about "40 things" in my life.  I came close.  I managed to write 13 posts highlighting 40 different topics.  You can check those out HERE.

I thought for sure I could hammer out 40 different topics throughout the year, but it was not to be.  I read one time that the key to blogging is passion.  Without a passion for your blog's focus or a passion for writing in general, one's blog will perish, wilting away without the water of creativity.  In my case, it was a combination of laziness and the lack of actually finding topics that I could rattle off "40 things" regarding.  Evidently, I'm more of a "21 things" kinda guy.  Does mean I peaked at age 21?  You don't have to answer that.  Really.

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