Apr 26, 2010

Tagxedo - Talk about service!

Well, holy smokes!  In my previous post (HERE), I plugged one of my new favorite tools (Tagxedo), lamenting the lack of support for numbers.  In no time flat, Hardy Leung - the site's owner/creator, responded with a comment letting me know that a NUMBERS feature is now available!  In addition, he has added some other cool features worth checking out:
  • numbers, 
  • punctuations, 
  • stemming, (words similar to those you type for weighting)
  • stop words (words you do NOT want to include in the count)
  • a feature to SAVE you word list
  • other things I have yet to discover, perhaps!
I have to say, this is wonderfully amazing news.  Why so?  Because, unlike the big blue-and-white site that turned off its "fans" recently, Tagxedo actually listened to his users and made changes accordingly!

Thanks and KUDOS to Mr. Leung!

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