Apr 27, 2010

American Idol - Six-Pack

And so, we are down to six contestants. Let's see how well (or more likely how poorly) some of these folks do this week.

WOW! Shania Twain mentors!! Now, that's worth sticking around for.


Lee - "Still the One" - He sounds a little like John Mayer at the start. Nice mixup of the song. Not bad, actually. I guess that'll do to start the show.

Michael - "It only hurts" - Man, what a great R&B spin on the song! I might actually download this one. Very well done!

Casey - "Don't" - I wasn't into when he started, but as he went along, I let it grow on me. This might be worth having, too.

Crystal - "No one needs to know" - Hmm. This is the first karaoke-sounding song of the night. The backup vocals are off or something, too. I think she was shooting for folksy and missed by 'that much.'

Aaron - "You got a way" - Not too bad. Nothing exciting. Meh.

Siobhan - "Any man of mine" - Uh, is this the showtunes version? Shan wondered if she was doing a Madonna-ish version. There is no "attitude" here. Wow, yeah, she's gone. Welcome to "Shania the Musical"

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