Apr 18, 2010

Going Digital!

I have published my collection of short stories, "All This Digging and other Stories" in eBook formats!

The first approach I took was to publish it on Amazon for the Kindle reader. It works on Kindle devices, iPod Touches, iPhones, iPad, other mobile devices, and the PC and Mac Kindle Reader applications. That version is HERE. After downloading it to my iPod Touch, I can see that some of the tags I was told to use do not work - mainly the "forced pagebreak" ones. So, it has some cosmetic issues. UGH! Oh well, those can be fixed!

The next thing I did was poke around online to look for ways to have my book available in a variety of ePublications. After a little digging of my own, I came across an all-in-one stop shop called Smashwords. It took me a couple tries before my book met their formatting specifications (which I'm not sure I even followed correctly, and need to check that out), but eventually I was approved! What's nice about this method is that Smashwords provides links for all kinds of electronic readers! Just download the file (for $1.99) and transfer to your reader! Way cool! The page for that is HERE!

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