Apr 14, 2010

Idol Spolier

This is American Idol and we're cutting the group from nine to seven. Let's do it!

DO NOT read any further if you do not want to know who gets the boot this week!

Okay, here we go....

Casey - SAFE
Aaron - SAFE
Andrew - GONE - It is about time. Sorry, but that was LONG overdue.

Hey! It's Brooke White!! WAHOO!!

Crystal - SAFE
Siobhan - SAFE - What!? No way! This is not good.
Lee - SAFE

Tim, Michael, Katie - Oh, please do NOT let it be Michael!

Tim - SAFE -

Wow, this is disappointing. I can't believe Katie is eliminated. I was getting to like her.

Well, at least we picked one of the people kicked off…

I think Katie will have a decent first release. Where she goes from there we can only wait and see. I hope she becomes a star. She has the potential for sure!

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