Apr 19, 2010

What is in my short story collection, anyway?

I am often asked to describe the stories included in "All This Digging and other Stories."  Until yesterday, though, no one asked me that online.  It had not occurred to me to write out such information because each of the distribution systems (Lulu.com, Kindle, Smashwords) provides a sampling or preview.

So, when I was asked what each story was about (on Plurk, which only allows for 140 characters per post), I came up with a list with succinct descriptions.  I thought I'd share them with you:

HERO - a dreamer gets his chance to fulfill his dream
WATER - How bad could a shower be?
ALL THIS DIGGING - An elderly man has had enough
BLINDED - An accident causes a drunk driver to go blind
THE DATE - a teenager finally gets the date he's wanted
FORGIVEN - What about those two guys hanging beside Jesus?
INTERVIEW - How honest do you have to be?
PURPLE HAZE - Based on a recurring dream I used to have.
STUPID ALARM CLOCK - basically, self-explanatory (LOL)
SWITCHEROO - Two boys steal a magazine from a bookstore, or do they?
DISHWASHERS - An elderly couple share a chore

Thanks for reading!

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