Apr 3, 2010

Daily Photo (Made of paper)

Today's DailyShoot challenge is something made of paper.  What you see is a photo of my novel in progress.  Though I love technology and the thought of things going "mostly paperless," I must confess that having some things on paper makes sense.  In my case, editing my 150+ page novel comes easier to me when I can hold the pages, refer to a variety of scenes, characters, etc simply by laying out the pages around me.  While most word processors allow you to do the same thing, because of the physical limitation of screen size and resolution, trying to look at 4 pages at the same time on a screen is ludicrous.  Oh, perhaps if I had two or three 32-inch monitors or something, but even that seems more than a bit impractical.

Also, take a look at the notes in the margins.  That is not easily achieved electronically, and though many word processors support "inking," editing a document with inking attached is no walk in park.  At least, not for me.  And so, I print my work at least once - to hold it, to edit it, to give myself the tangibility of it.

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