Apr 7, 2010

Top Nine Idol-ers perform. It's Beatles Week.

Call it McCartney/Lennon week or whatever. It's Beatles week...
Tuesday's Idol Thoughts:


Aaron - Wow. Very well done, at least in my opinion. That could play on the radio and I'd listen.

Katie - Pretty good, but I think if she stepped it up just a hair, it would have been even better. Nice job though. I do agree with Simon that it had some country sounds to it.

Andrew - Wow, this is like bad karaoke, dog. Can you saw Vegas lounge much? Or maybe a cruise ship. I dunno, man, I just don't get it.

Michael - I really liked his version of the song. Nice mix up of "Eleanor Rigby!"

Crystal - "Come Together" - Oh, this is one of the few Beatles songs I actually like. Let's see how she does. Oh, this is great! Nice groove, great feel! Best performance tonight so far!!

Teflon Tim - Started bad, had okay moments, but really, not great.

Casey - He sounds like like he's trying to add an English accent to it or something. He should just sing it. Shan says Yes, she likes his voice even though the song is too slow.

Siobhan - Ouch. Not sounding too good here. Again, slow. Is this like opera or something?

Lee - Hmm. Okay, well, he's changing it up some. I don't think it's great. It's not the worst one of the night, but sounded like he was doing Beatles Rock Band. Okay, bust out the bagpipes.

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