Apr 7, 2010

Idol SHOCKER (Major spoiler alert!)

Tonight was a HUGE shocker in Idol-land.  If you don't wanna know what happened, then leave now...

You've been warned...

Siobhan - SAFE - Wow. I figured she was bottom three.
Crystal - SAFE - No brainer there!!
Katie - SAFE - Emily is excited!

Lee - SAFE - UGH
Casey - SAFE - UGH
Tim - SAFE - UGH

Bottom Three:
Andrew - SAFE - What!?!? This cannot be right!
Aaron - SAFE - That's good news, but I cannot believe Mike is bottom two!!
Michael - HOLY CRAP!

I cannot believe Michael is facing elimination! Surely he will be saved.  WHEW! They used the save!  That is fantastic! Now let's hope he carries through to prove he needs to stay.

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