Apr 19, 2010

Playing Oprah

Today, I worked with John, teaching teachers about various uses of technology in the classroom.  We talked about lulu.com for helping students become published authors, delicious.com for keeping track of web sites, polleverywhere.com for asking questions where students text responses.

We also shared several tools with another group of teachers.  Afterward, I told that group that it would be difficult to implement those strategies with out the proper tools or supplies.  And then, I announced that we were giving them some of those tools.  It was amazing.

People jumped out of their chairs.  One teacher had tears running down her face.  Everyone clapped and cheered, genuinely excited and appreciative of the items they were getting.

I used to think Oprah gave away all those things as a demonstration of her own money or power, but I fully understand now the rush she must feel everytime she gives things away.

If I had the means, I'd do the same thing.  The blessing truly is in the giving.

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