Sep 29, 2009

Fantasy Football Update - Week 3

The Tribecards Trouncers managed to eke out a win this week in the Super Secret League in fantasy football. They bested the "!" with a score of 57.27 to 53.94. This moves the Trouncers to dead center in the league at 5th place so far this season. With a record of 2-1-0, they are in a three-way tie for 2nd place with "!" and "The Lucky Leprechauns."

The star this week for Tribecards by far and away was Big Ben, who netted 15.67 points. In a move that manager --David now regrets, the Trouncers had opted to put Julius Jones in the game in favor of sticking Joseph Addai on the bench for the week. It was a costly lapse in judgment. Addai put 9.55 fantasy points on the board, while Jones amassed a whopping 1.10 points. Luckily for --David, what really counts in this league are the wins and losses, though points do matter when the records are tied - like this week.

The Trouncers were also hoping Santonio Holmes was going to be a big star for them in Week 3, but that didn't happen either. His measly .90 points were overshadowed by Jerricho Cotchery's 11.40. The Trouncers are heavily weighted with Steelers, and so far that seems to be a hindrance rather than a help.

Leading the league in a two-way tie are "Cardiff Giants" and "Turkey Buzzards," each sowing incredible stamina going undefeated in the first three weeks!

Next week, the Trouncers take on the "Orlando Sharks," who are currently tied for last place with "NABALY." Neither of which has managed to win a game so far. The Trouncers are hoping to keep the Sharks on the losing side of things, while also hoping to change the "Streak: W-1" to "Streak: W-2." --David has tentatively swapped Holmes and Cotchery and also swapped Jones with Addai.

We'll see if the manager keeps those changes, and if so, how that affects the Trouncers in Week 4.

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